Pocket Stone Sets

“Attract what you want by being what you want” - Unknown



Many people like to carry tumble stones in their pocket to keep their energies with them throughout the day. We have identified specific areas in which these stones are known to work powerfully with each other to assist you through your journey. 

We source, hand pick and choose all of our crystals carefully, infusing them with Reiki Healing for extra protection. Our crystals are sent to give healing, guidance and energy. 

Each pocket stone set is placed in a pouch with a card explaining the characteristics of each gemstone. Keep them in their pouch and carry them in your pocket or bag, or keep them close to your heart when you need that extra healing protection. At night, place them under your pillow and let their magic do the work.

We endeavor to supply the best quality crystals. A slight variation may occur in size, shape and colour due to the uniqueness and authenticity of each gemstone.