The Shiva Mantra Bar Mala Collection

Om Namah Shivaya
- I offer my obeisances to Lord Shiva

This mantra invokes the divine male energy known as Shiva.

It is known to awaken the inner self and attain pure consciousness through divine love, grace, truth and blissfulness.

The different syllables of this mantra can purify the five elements of our being:

Na is earth, Ma is water, Shi is fire, Va is air, and Ya is ether

Meaning of the syllables:

  • Om – The universal sound that sustains life

  • Na – The concealing grace of the divine energy

  • Maha – The world

  • Shi – Shiva (divine energy)

  • Va – The revealing grace

  • Ya – The soul

We have created a range of mala beads that resonate with this divine male Shiva energy, with the mantra carved on a sterling silver bar placed within the mala.