The Lakshmi Mala

The Lakshmi Mala


Rainbow Moonstone: The stone of dreams and energy, moonstone carries the powers of the moon – the divine feminine. It is said to encourage hope, as well as enhance feminine energies and intuition. Moonstone is the perfect stone for those looking to amplify their energy and enhance their spiritual growth.

Garnet: The stone of physical love, relationships and psychic protection.

Gemstones work as filters and regulators. They will not give you something that you do not already have, but will help you tune into the innate wisdom, love and strength that is already inside of you.

Our crystals are natural and authentically sourced. Each bead flows gracefully from one to the next. The beads are individually hand knotted to provide strength and longevity to the mala. Both the thread and tassel are made of soft cotton, to help extend the life of your mala. This delicate mantra bar is created entirely from sterling silver, making it hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin. This element acts as a reminder for self-observation and self-love. Please note that our images are not to scale and each crystal will vary slightly in size, shape and colour. Please also check the dimensions below for product size. Each mala is carefully hand wrapped and presented in a pouch together with a card description of the crystals.

103 beads at 6mm each.
Sterling silver mantra bar replaces five crystals — turn it over five times in meditation.
Hangs at 49cm including tassel. Length is approximate as each mala is unique.

Fair Trade
This mala has been handcrafted by a fair trade yogi artisan in a rural village in North India who was provided with fair wages and a safe and supportive working environment.

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