The Shakti Mantra Bar Mala Collection

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichey Namah
- I offer my obeisances to ‘Shakti’ the divine female energy

This mantra invokes the divine female energy known as Shakti. It is known to facilitate concentration of the mind and provide protection, acting as a shield of strength and energy.

We seek Blessings from Shakti – Durga, who manifests into forms of Saraswati (Giver of Knowledge), Lakshmi (Giver of Wealth) and Kali (Giver of Justice).

Meaning of the syllables:

  • Om – The universal sound that sustains life

  • Aim – Creation, energy of desire, Saraswati

  • Hrim – Preservation, Lakshmi, energy of action

  • Klim – Energy of wisdom, destruction, Kali

  • Chamunda – The slayer of anger and negativity

  • Yai – The grantor of boons

  • Vich – In the body of knowledge

  • Che – Of consciousness

  • Na – The concealing grace of the divine energy

  • Maha – The world

We have created a range of mala beads that resonate with this divine female Shakti energy, with the mantra carved on a sterling silver bar placed within the mala.