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Sandalwood is one of the most valuable woods, revered for spiritual practice and its grounding attributes. Earthy and ethereal, harmonising and liberating, relaxing and uplifting, its magical powers and fragrance are believed to transform desires, bringing emotional balance, good luck, protection and success.

Sandalwood fragrance will attract a greater sense of awareness, invoking tranquillity, awakening divine thoughts and igniting the flame of spiritual energy.

Glass votive wrapped in metallic finish synthetic rope with a hand-hammered iron lid. The tassels are made from terylene, and are approximately 12.7cm in length including the loop. Made with 100% paraffin wax with 5% natural essential oil scent.

Tips: For optimum results, burn the candle for 3 to 4 consecutive hours to achieve a full melt pool and maximum scent. This will eliminate the candle just burning down the middle and leaving a large amount of wax around the sides. After each burn, trim the wick to 1cm before relighting, to remove any carbon build-up.

Diameter: 7cm
Height: 13cm

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