Large – White Musk

Large – White Musk

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White musk is a stimulating fragrance that embraces modernity, elegance and sensuality. A timeless scent that is exceptionally delicate, whilst maintaining its musk heritage.

Each candle is made by hand and therefore may slightly vary in size.

Diamond etched glass votive with a scroll brass lip and brass clawed feet.

Made with 100% paraffin wax with 5% natural essential oil scent.

For optimum results, burn the candle for 3 to 4 consecutive hours to achieve a full melt pool and maximum scent. This will eliminate the candle just burning down the middle and leaving a large amount of wax around the sides. After each burn, trim the wick to 1cm before relighting, to remove any carbon build-up.

Diameter: 12.5cm
Height: 10cm

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