Kleem Signature Candle - Jasmine

Kleem Signature Candle - Jasmine

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Our beautiful Kleem signature jasmine scented candle is a must-have for any home. A perfect gift or a special treat for yourself, it is presented in a unique hand-hammered votive. Once the candle has burned, you can use this stylish votive as a tea light holder or as a decorative object to house your treasured keepsakes. 

We have specifically chosen jasmine as the scent of our signature candle as it is known as ‘the Queen of the Night’ and the flower of attraction – which connects to love and inner beauty. 

The aroma has a rich, sensual sweetness that awakens the senses.

It uplifts mental and emotional connections, helping to calm anxiety, relax tense muscles and relieve headaches. Jasmine will open your Chakras and cleanse your Aura.

Hand-hammered iron votive with navy blue tassels made from terylene. Each tassel is approximately 12.7cm in length including the loop. Each candle is handmade with 100% paraffin wax with 5% jasmine essential oil scent. As a result, each may vary slightly in size.

For optimum results burn the candle for 3 to 4 consecutive hours to achieve a full melt pool and maximum scent. This will eliminate the candle just burning down the middle and leaving a large amount of wax around the sides. After each burn, trim the wick to 1cm before relighting, to remove any carbon build-up. 

Diameter: 10 cm
Height: 6cm

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