We are a family-run company set up by two childhood friends, which brings together our individual heritage, culture and passion. 

Kleem was born from our love for yoga, vibrational mantra chants and mindful living, along with our desire to live life with truth, love and compassion. We embrace the present and seek to stay grounded in gratitude for the beautiful and extraordinary gift that is life.

We were attracted to the concept of Kleem as we all need to remind ourselves that everyone deserves unconditional love. When we open our hearts, when we feel and live authentically, our inner heart expands; manifesting what we truly desire and want to attract into our lives.


Together we share our knowledge and experiences so that we can make our vision easily accessible to the modern contemporary world. 

We have carefully designed and created a unique range of yogic and spiritually inspired accessories, handpicked with love from the corners of the East as powerful healing tools to help balance the mind, heart, spirit and soul, allowing inner transformation and connection to your true self.

Our hope is that wherever you are on your journey, Kleem will inspire you to keep seeking truth, love and compassion and live authentically in everything that you do.

We invite you to explore Kleem, The World of Attraction.

We believe in fair trade. Our artisans live in a rural village in North India, and are provided with fair wages and a supportive environment. Your contribution will make a significant difference to their lives. 

Come, deep dive into the mystical world of spirituality and yogic sacred chants and explore the inspirational range of beautiful creations from Kleem
— Sonal and Nik