Agate Tea Light Holders

Agate Tea Light Holders


Crystals from ancient times that grew in volcanic bubbles have been crafted into elegant tea light candle holders. The beauty of these individual pieces will be enhanced by a flame that will reflect and sparkle upon the gemstone.

Each piece is polished and hand dyed, intensifying the jewel-toned beauty created by nature. The outer rim is enhanced with a gold leaf finish.

These pieces are available in blue, green, aqua, pink, purple or neutral white.

Agate crystal with gold leaf rim finish. Agate is a natural material, so each individual tea light candle holder will vary in colour, shape, size and pattern and may slightly differ from the website image. Made in India

Length: Approx. 10 cm
Width: Approx. 10cm
Thickness: Approx. 3cm

Care Instructions:
Do not get wet, as dye can run and stain fabrics and furniture
Not dishwasher safe

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