The Eye of Horus Necklace

The Eye of Horus Necklace

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Open up your third eye with this delicate Eye of Horus necklace in 22 carat gold-plated brass. Considered one of the most powerful amulets in ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus represents the third eye, the entrance to the dimension of higher consciousness and psychic abilities. This protective symbol is known to ward off negative energies.

The pendant features smoky quartz, a gemstone connected to the Base Chakra, the energy centre for grounding and feeling secure. Smoky quartz strongly shields the aura, its powerful energy transmuting negative energies. Its psychological strength restores vigour, shining light on the shadows deep within.

Wear this necklace on either the Eye of Ra (right eye), the sun god Ra which, brings good luck, or the Eye of Horus (left eye), the moon god Horus, which brings protection.

22 carat gold-plated brass with a lobster clasp
Smoky quartz gemstone
Each crystal is carefully selected for quality and colour, ensuring every piece of jewellery is unique. Each stone will vary slightly in size, shape and colour.

Eye of Horus pendant: length 3cm, width 3.5cm
Chain length: 61cm

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