A natural sand sacred seed, found within the vibrant blue fruit of the evergreen Elaeocarpus ganitrus, Rudraksha is indigenous to the Himalayas. Rare and precious,  spiritually worn and used for meditation and Japa Mantra, enthusing deep meditative states connecting to your inner guides creating an aura protection of your own energy against negativity. 

Rudraksha can change the karma of the wearer - quickening the pace and removing obstacles along the path to success. Increasing the power of intuition, charging the soul with Shakti (spiritual power), enhancing intimate connection with nature and the Cosmos, healing vital energies into balance and bringing you back to your spiritual essence.

A sacred seed originating from Lord Shiva’s tears.  

According to mythology, Lord Shiva spent 1000 years in meditation for the interests of all beings, and upon opening his eyes, teardrops rolled from his eyes, landing on the earth and taking birth as the sacred Rudraksha tree for the benefit of those seeking freedom from daily suffering and union with the Divine.

The eye of Rudra (Lord Shiva) – the most potent manifestation of the cosmic force -  Rudraksha is the object of veneration and the source to reach the higher Self, symbolising the link between earth and heaven.

The number of faces of the bead varies from a single face to 21 faces, the most common, five-faced Rudraksha (symbolic of the five faces of Lord Shiva). 

Each five-faced Rudraksha Mala and Bracelet is carefully handpicked by us from North India, strung with love by hand by our fair trade artisans.


Shiva Poem

What is Shiva?
Shiva is not a person
Shiva is the entire universe
Shiva is the space, it is the consciousness
It is the form where everything has come
Everything is sustained in it and dissolved into it
There is no way that you can ever step
Out of Shiva at any time because
Shiva is the Summon Bonum*
Of the whole creation -

(*Latin expression meaning "the highest good")