Crystals are naturally occurring solids made from minerals, either formed in the earth's surface or born in the stars, residing in the heavens and falling to the earth's surface as meteors. Each is unique in shape, colour and size; having a precise atomic arrangement and mineral composition. They focus, transmit, store energy and vibrate, working powerfully with you.


Crystals have been used in medicine around the world for over 5,000 years. Mystical, magical, chemical, scientific - all provide explanations on crystal healing through the human energy system (working with the Chakras and Aura). Holding both heat, electricity and light energy, they influence healing in the physical body.

Crystals are believed to improve your general state of wellbeing, reduce symptoms of disease, speeding up changes in your life, promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health and recovery.

We have carefully sourced and handpicked each one of our semi-precious crystals.

YOU, much like a crystal, are one of a kind, unique and special. A piece of the universe, vibrating to your own unique frequency, you have the power to heal and enlighten others.
You are your own universe, capable of shining bright among a dark and infinite sky.
— Unknown