Connected to the Sacral Chakra

Sandalwood is one of the most valuable woods, revered for spiritual practice and its grounding attributes. Earthy and ethereal, harmonising and liberating, relaxing and uplifting, its aroma is always in tune with spiritual pursuit.

Burning sandalwood incense will attract a greater sense of awareness, subduing aggression and irritability, and promoting compassion and openness. Connected to the Sacral Chakra, sandalwood is known to regulate hormones and the reproductive system, releasing stuck energy and encouraging sensual, sexual or creative expression.

Made from a natural ‘masala’ composition, all ingredients are kneaded, rolled out, cut and finally dried, mostly by hand, meaning each stick is individual in length and weight, and ensuring a strong powerful aroma. 

Approximately 20 sticks in each pack and approximately 20cm in length including the stick.

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