We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment, both locally and globally, and we wish to mitigate this impact as much as possible. In launching Kleem, our yogic and spiritually inspired lifestyle business, fair trade was a priority. While the business was born from our love for yoga, vibrational mantra chants and mindful living, it was crucial to us that it also impacted positively on the environment and in particular on local communities in India.

As a conscientious start-up company, fair trade is integral to our ethos. As two childhood friends, we were both confident that we shared the same appreciation for the vast array of opportunities and the benefits of infrastructure we can draw upon living in a global centre of commerce like London. Our aim was to use this advantage in a creative way to give back. We chose to work with artisans living in a rural village in North India, ensuring that they are all provided with fair wages and a supportive environment.

We are a part of a generation that is taking sustainability and an ethical approach to business far more seriously than previous generations. We wanted to base most of our product lines around natural minerals and materials that can be traced to source and that showcased the skills of local craftsmen using traditional methods. We understand that our clients value the uniqueness and authenticity of each product. 

We commit to dedicating resource to the betterment of our environment both locally and internationally. Through regularly reviewing and refining our operational practices, we will identify, monitor and minimise our environmental impact along the entire value chain and incorporating all Kleem employees and business partners.